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dplyr 0.2

Originally posted on RStudio Blog:
I’m very excited to announce dplyr 0.2. It has three big features: improved piping courtesy of the magrittr package a vastly more useful implementation of do() five new verbs: sample_n(), sample_frac(), summarise_each(), mutate_each and glimpse().…

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R Markdown

I was toying with the idea of moving to LaTex for word processing needs.  This post Markdown or LaTeX from Yihui Xie provides enlightenment on the subject. My challenge is that customers still demand documents to be in Microsoft Word. … Continue reading

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Histograms and Regression Lines as a matter of philosophy

Make sense of life events through histograms. I rather enjoy a histogram and often use histograms to give anecdotes context. My favorite is the classic example of the panhandler who makes $50,000 a year. Is this case an outlier or … Continue reading

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