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Boxplots and Exploratory Graphs

One key aspect to a data analysis is  creating exploratory graphs. This point was emphasized in the Data Analysis course I took from Jeff Leek and I have found it beneficial in my work. According to Leek, the purpose of an … Continue reading

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Converting Integer Variable to Numeric Variable in R

Working with MLB Player Stats in R, I got stuck plotting and summarizing the runs scored variable.  I needed to convert the Runs variable from Integer to Numeric. Again I thought this was going to be challenging but it was … Continue reading

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Adding a horizontal line in a R plot

I suspected this was going to be difficult and to my delight it was this easy.plot()abline(h=) Thanks UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education. R FAQ: How can I do a scatterplot with regression line or any other lines?: ‘via Blog this’

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High School Drop Out Rates Polk County and Surrounding Counties

Learn About Tableau

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