Spreadsheets and Databases

There are not enough resources to help a small nonprofit utilize spreadsheets and databases while developing their evaluation capacity. Recall a database is best for entering data and mix matching data while a spreadsheet should be used for analysis. You should become familiar with the IF and VLookup Functions in spreadsheets.Currently I am working on a spreadsheet template where I drop all my survey data. I follow the model that a spreadsheet should have one worksheet with the raw data, one worksheet that correctly codes the raw data; one worksheet with an index that displays your code values; one worksheet with your analysis. Your may want to put your final results in a separate spreadsheet with graphs. One advantage to putting your final results in a separate spreadsheet is that it makes that spreadsheet cleaner if you have to e-mail the spreadsheet. However one disadvantage is that the other worksheets are more accessible when you double check your final results.

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