Evaluation Capacity and Self Evaluation Teams

Evaluation capacity and Self Evaluation Teams

Building evaluation capacity in your nonprofit that relies on volunteers to deliver services to customer presents a challenge. One way to develop evaluation capacity is to develop a self-evaluation team. A self-evaluation team can ensure that the importance of evaluation is made clear. Further if you bring the right people to the team they will inform others about the evaluation work and how it is done.

Developing a self-evaluation team for an organization helps ensures that key players within the organization are reviewing the data. Who is part of the self evaluation team— 1) people in the organization that can make things happen. 2) People responsible for delivering the program. 3) Most importantly, people receiving the service of your organization and stakeholders. 4) Anyone who may benefit from the process of self evaluation. The organization where I work has an awesome communications department. They would be invited to help us understand the best way to communicate to stakeholders and the community about our indicators and outcomes. What does the self-evaluation team do? It would be agency specific but general guidelines would dictate that the team would review outcome data, recommend strategy based on data, build data development agenda (Identify missing data, and develop plan to track it).

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