Start backwards to move forward

Many funders will require you to complete a logic model with your grant application. In essence a logic model is an “If, then statement”. A logic model lays the program theory behind your activities and approaches and tells the audience why certain actions will lead to outcomes. However, some argue that logic models force people to focus on inputs and outputs rather than outcomes and results.

My recommendation is to start identifying the outcomes you want to achieve and the identify the strategies and activities to achieve your outcomes.I don’t really care how you do it and neither do your funders (taking for granted that your activities are legal and ethical) but we are inspired by the results you achieve.

I encourage you to consider the Turning the Curve approach by Mark Friedman. The “Turning the Curve” approach to logic modeling emphasizes the Ends rather than the Means. The turning the curve approach helps you identify what will happen if nothing is done, who are potential partners to help solve this program, and finally an action plan to resolve the problem. Visit to learn more.

If you desire a more traditional approach to logic models, there is a wealth of information on building a logic models. The link below is a good starting point.

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